3D Ultra Protectant 500ml


Great dressing for tires and plastics

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Tire Dressing Product Ultra Protectant
Water based dressing
Long-Lasting high gloss shine on tires.
Protects and beautifies.
Spray On Formula

Are you looking for ultimate long lasting & high shining tire dressing? If you are not comfortable with thick dressings, then try 3D Ultra Protectant water based tire dressing, which is a spray on formula that any car detailer will love. It will give your car tires the same long-lasting high gloss that its thicker counterpart, Ultra Protectant Thick, has to offer, but in a sprayable form.

Ultra Protectant is the highest shining & longest lasting dressing that 3D has ever offered. This water based dressing is made with the highest grade silicone and is blended into a super micro emulsion that spreads easily onto your tires and lasts an extremely long time. You’ll be surprised to know that there is no greasy or sticky residue as a result of this advanced technology.

Another unique feature of Ultra Protectant spray is that it’s 100% biodegradable & CFC free which means that no harmful solvents are used in this product. Please rest assured that by using this amazing protectant you’ll not only be doing your car a favor, but the environment too.

For best results, you’ll want to make sure the tires are as clean as possible. This way 3D Ultra Protectant will have an easier time bonding to the tire. Simply clean your tires with a high quality cleaner like 3D Yellow Degreaser or 3D Orange Citrus Degreaser and that’s all that is needed. After cleaning, just spray a mist of Ultra Protectant on your car tire, then wipe off any overspray to give your car tires the long-lasting gloss that you have always wanted. You can even apply multiple coats if you’re after an even greater shine.

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3d ultra protectant 500ml3D Ultra Protectant 500ml

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

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