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Paint Protection Film is the #1 way to protect your vehicle from road hazards. There's NOTHING more durable. LLumar's line of PPF films are engineered to be industry leading. We carry all of Llumar's most popular PPF films including:

Valor, Platinum Gloss, and Platinum Matte

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most popular PPF installations

Full Front End


From $2100

This one leaves very little risk from debris, dump trucks, salt, etc. We are aiming to protect all the front facing surfaces of the car.

Full Hood
Full Front Bumper
Full Fenders
Mirror Caps

Merc premium Xl Front

Partial Front End


From $1100

For those looking for the most cost effective coverage for the highest hazard zones on the car. Partial front end coverage includes:

18" Hood and Fenders
Full Front Bumper
Mirror Cap

Merc Premium kit Front

Hood and Fender Strip


From $240

The bare minimum that every vehicle should have to protect the leading edge of the hood and fenders.

Available in 18" and 24" options for most vehicles.

Merc_basic kit_Front

Full Coverage


From $5500

For those that want the ultimate in gloss an protection. Every painted panel is covered. Almost nothing is left exposed to the elements.

Merc Full car Front
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