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Not all ceramic coatings are created equal; neither are all installers! Clean Freaks has teamed up with Gtechniq to become Oakville's Accredited Installers for Gtechniq products. 

We chose to work with Gtechniq as we believe this is one of the best coatings available in the world, and love what the products can do for us and our customers.

We want to make sure that we find the right ceramic coating, paint enhancement, and outcome for you and your car!

Packages & Pricing

C2 Liquid Crystal from $150

C2 Liquid Crystal is a great alternative to traditional waxes

Provides up to 6 months of protection

Enhances Gloss, Slickness, and makes for easy maintenance

Application Includes:

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Removal
  • Coating Application
  • Takes 1.5 hours
  • all painted panels
EXOv4 from $650

EXO provides and Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Finish

Hard Coating enhances gloss and slickness

Good Swirl Prevention

Provides up to 2 years of protection

Application includes:

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Coating Application
  • Takes 1 day
  • all painted panels
Crystal Serum Light from $900

CSL gives great long lasting protection

5 year guarantee

Incredible water beading, gloss, and slickness

9H hardness for Great swirl protection

Application Includes:

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • 1 Stage Finish Polish
  • Takes 1 Day Overnight
  • all painted panels


Crystal Serum Ultra from $1300

Gtechniq's Best! Accredited installers ONLY!

9 Year Guarantee

10H Coating for incredible Swirl Prevention

Enhanced Gloss, Slickness, UV Protection, Chemical Resistance

Easy Maintenance

Can be topped with EXO for Extreme Slickness

Application Includes:

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Iron Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • 1 Stage Finish Polish
  • Takes 1 Day Overnight
  • all painted panels


Paint Enhancements

Single Stage from $300

Single Stage Polish

Great for New vehicles

Removes light swirls and provides enhanced gloss

Adds half day to any coating

2 Stage from $500

For Cars that have lived a bit

Removes Swirls and Light Scratches

One Stage of Cutting for 75% Defect Removal

One Stage of Polishing for Refining and Gloss Enhancement

Adds 1 Day to Coating

Freaks Enhancement price by Quote

Highly Detailed Paint Enhancement

Includes multiple cutting passes, some wet sanding

and multiple refining passes

including all details and edgework of all painted surfaces

this can be multi day correction, ranging from 10-30 hours

looking for 90-95% defect removal

For accurate pricing, we need to see the vehicle

Coating Upgrades

Rim Faces from $100

Coating applied to all 4 Rim Faces

Rims Complete from $600

Rims removed, cleaned and prepped

Coating Applied to Rim Barrels and Faces

Coating Applied to Calipers

Glass from $150

Any glass is polished and coated with Gtechniq Smart Vision glass Ceramic coating rated for 20,000kms

Windshield $150

Side and Back Windows $350

Single Sunroof - $100

Single Pane Panoramic Roof - $150

Dual Pane Panoramic - $250 

All Surfaces from $450

For a full body coating

all accessible painted panels and plastics are coated including:

  • engine bay,
  • engine covers,
  • door jams,
  • door sills,
  • trunk surrounds,
  • hard interior surfaces like metals, woods, trim etc.

*must be brand new condition inside or combined with an interior detailing*

Interior from $100

Leather Guard treatment on all leather/vinyl surfaces

or Smart Fabric treatment on cloth/suede seats

and Smart Fabric treatment on cloth carpets, floor mats, door panels

*must be brand new condition inside or combined with an interior detailing*


Ceramic coating is the most advanced paint protection technology available on the market. For comparison, the evolution of coatings started with wax, and then moved to polymer based sealants, and have now come to ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings can represent the ultimate in protection. Offering easy maintenance, swirl protection, UV protection, gloss, slickness and water beading.

With various options, we are more than happy to talk with you and fit the right coating for your needs and budget. But as a general rule:

C2 Liquid Crystal replaces your current regimen of wax or a polymer sealant

EXO is a great topper and or budget coating option for any daily driver

CSL or Ultra are incredibly durable long term coatings that are great to apply to new vehicles and after larger paint enhancements to protect the finish as long as possible.

The simple answer is no. The coating does not need any correction pre application. However, a ceramic coating will enhance the paint's finish and will not cover or fill any existing damage like wax might, as there are no fillers. So applying a coating to a marred finish, will not reduce the existing damage. 

We do generally suggest corrections for vehicles that are not new, or that have existing swirls and scratches and are always happy to review your vehicle with you before we start working and pick the right coating for your needs and budget.

No, the coatings are hard, harder than the underlying paint, but they are also very thin. A ceramic coating is meant to prevent from dirt and swirling from washing and small particles in the air. It will not prevent damage.

For protection from stone chips, Paint Protection Film is the best choice, and we can do both services at once.


A coating is only as good as the maintenance it gets. Although your car will stay cleaner, longer, you'll still need a regular routine of contact washes to ensure the performance of the coating stays in tact. We also suggest an annual coating maintenance for CSL or Ultra that includes a wash, iron removal, and C2 Liquid Crystal or EXO topper application to rejuvenate the base coating.

We want to make you smile!

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