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Clean Freaks stands out from the crowd and offers a wide range of window tinting in Burlington.

  • Automotive Window Tinting
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Automotive Window Tinting in Burlington

As Llumar SelectPro installers, we use only the best films. All of our films are lifetime warranty tint films. We carry various different shades of window tint, and also a few different materials.

Whether you're looking for dyed window tint, metallized window tint, or ceramic window tint, Clean Freaks has you covered.

Our window tint showroom is fully equipped to help you chose he right tint for your vehicle, your needs and your budget!

Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint

Llumar's FormulaOne Pinnacle and FormulaOne Stratos are automotive window films that carry incredible properties focused on enhancing style, providing privacy, blocking UV, and reducing heat. Don't fall for the knock offs! Ceramic window tint from Llumar is packed with so much technology that it is more expensive, but well worth the investment!

Benefits of Dyed Window Tint

For those looking to stay on budget, Llumar's FormulaOne Classic series enhances style, rejects some heat, and blocks out harmful UV rays. An great price to value ratio.

Benefits of Clear Ceramic Window Tint

Llumar's Air Series line of ceramic window tint is created specifically to maximize window film benefits without being seen or reducing visibility. Traditionally, window tint is seen as dark and put in place for privacy. But Air80 clear ceramic film from Llumar is great when you want to reduce heat, block UV, decrease glare and increase comfort without losing any visibility. Great for windshields, panoramic roofs, and tinting factory shaded windows.

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Residential Window Tinting in Burlington and surrounding

When it comes to residential window tinting, most people don't know all the benefits it has to offer. While many people associated window tint just with cars, tinting your home can be an incredible improvement.

UV Ray Blocking

Just like automotive films, residential window film is designed to block 99.9% of UV rays from passing through. What this means to you is that you are protecting yourself, your furniture and finishes, and you home's contents from the negative fading and degradation that the sun can cause.

Colour Enhancement Films

Not all residential films are created equal. Llumar has a full line of architectural films that have different hues and colour pallets to either allow "warm" or "cool" light to pass through. So you can pick the film that best matches the style you are looking for.

Glare Reduction Films

Can't watch TV without closing every blind or shutter in the house? Llumar's residential films will reduce the glare that is created by the window and improve your screen visibility.

Heat Reduction Films

Are you forced to overwork your AC or stay out of certain rooms when the sun moves through the sky. Many of Llumar's window films have incredible heat reduction properties that will increase your comfort and help you save on energy costs

Privacy Window Films

Do your neighbors feel a bit too close for comfort sometimes? Maybe using Llumar's privacy films would solve your issue so that you don't have to close your blinds and live in the dark!

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As Llumar SelectPro installers, we will help you choose the right residential tint for your needs and always stand behind our installs!


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